The Retreads Series (Hell and Gone, Tier Zero and False Flag)
by Henry Brown

Anyone who has served has stories about boot camp.  The training.  The mishaps.  The bonds you form with those who have your back.  Author Henry Brown obviously has experienced all of this first hand and he brings it to life on the pages of his Retreads series of military/post-apocalyptic novels.

It all starts with Hell and Gone.  Here we meet Dwight “Rocco” Cavarra and his rag-tag team of “has beens”.  As a fan of the movie Armageddon, I am always drawn to unlikely heroes, those brave enough – or foolish enough – to rush in where sane men would pause.  Rocco’s team has only a week to prepare for a mission that will take them through an African civil war to retrieve a black market tactical nuke from seriously bad mfrs.  The chemistry of the team and the skills each brings to the mission are demonstrated time and time again as they fight everyone from Massad to the local warlords in an attempt to prevent the next World War.

Tier Zero centers around Tommy Scarred Wolf.  His daughter is kidnapped but there is no government to help.  How do you mount a rescue halfway around the world with no military support?  Time to call Rocco Cavarra and his other survivor buddies from Hell and Gone.  Sniper Leon Campbell and Delta Force Operator, Jake McCallum have already proven they are just crazy enough – and skilled enough – to take on whatever lies ahead. Together they set out to bring home Tommy’s daughter.  At times it seems everyone and everything (even the weather) are against them.  I don’t want to give anything away, but you all of Henry Brown’s books are thrilling adventures and he has introduced us to some new characters indicating there is room for the series to grow.

False Flag still features many of the heroes we’ve met through the previous two “Retreads” books (Hell and Gone and Tier Zero) but this novel moves from a straight up military adventure and adds a post-apocalyptic twist.  Civil war is brewing once again in the United States.  The Retreads are doing their best to get by along with their fellow citizens amid financial collapse and terrorism of all kinds when Rocco Cavarra learns about a secret “hit list”.  The “domestic terrorists” on the list include not only his name, but that of his Retread buddies as well.  In this novel, Henry Brown steps right into the fire of a political thriller and takes us down the rabbit hole of our worst nightmares!

All of Henry Brown’s novels are a mixture of fact and fiction creating thrillers that you just can’t put down.  He seamlessly weaves headlines from around the globe with an insiders military knowledge to bring the situations to life on the pages of his stories.  He gives us characters ladies want to love and men want to have a beer with.  He puts them in situations of ruthless chaos and steers them through with honor and unrelenting determination.  Grab the whole series – you will devour them!  I know I did and they were delicious!

You can keep up on all Henry Brown’s work (and play) on his website:  Virtual Pulp

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