Super Bowl Standout Stogie Stop

When you come to Phoenix for Superbowl XLIX (and we know you will), be sure to stop in Old Town Scottsdale at Ford and Haig Tobacconist. Sit and schmooze with old chums you’ve just met. Stock up on stogies for sharing at the parties. It’s easy to find, right in the center of things by the giant bronze statue of wild horses.


RP_ProhibitionThey have a huge humidor with a wide selection so you’re sure to find your favorite or discover a NEW favorite.   This stick just in! Rocky Patel Prohibition Maduro. Had to try the new 6.5″x50 Toro. Good smoke! Love ya’ Rocky!



There are a few easy chairs and a couple coveted recliners. It’s a great place to hang out, watch TV, movies, or swap banter with local patrons and visitors from around the world.

Lots of ladies pop in to grab a few smokes for their significant others or for themselves.


MikeMansTheMoneyMike mans the money most days and offers you sodas, even occasional beers brought in by loyalists.

Jeff works here too and tells occasional stories of his time in the Navy ruling the submarines.







Gordon scratches and wins $220 profit. He buys a stack of lottery tickets, and supports Arizona education! What a guy!






So when you’re in Phoenix – for the Superbowl or just to soak up some sun – be sure to stop in at Ford and Haig – tell ’em that John Murphy, Author guy sent you!



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