September has been named “Bourbon Heritage Month” so it’s a great excuse to celebrate by drinking as much great bourbon as you can!

One of our friends is a “Bourbon Connoisseur”.  Most of the rest of us are willing to drink anything someone else has bought.  That being said, our friend threw a great party – an idea you may want to replicate in your own neighborhood.  Our bud lives in the suburbs of Seattle, so I dubbed it “Suburban Bourbon”.

What you need:


Suburban Bourbon

Six or Seven assorted quality Bourbons.  Our friend included his every day favorites like Woodford Reserve and Markers Mark 46.  Then he this as an excuse to buy a few “small batch” specialty Bourbons like Basil Hayden’s, Jefferson’s and Four Roses as well.  He wrote little descriptive cards so we got a little education with our drink.

He had a stack of 1 oz. plastic mini shot glasses so you could “taste” each of the Bourbons before settling on one.  Keeps you from wasting a lot of good booze if one isn’t to a guests’ personal taste.

WhiskeyBallHis wife made a batch of large “ball” ice cubes.  Whiskey Ball makes primo molds and even sent me this photo to use here.  Those are the ones we have and make at our house.  Mrs. Bourbon added a twist of orange rind in some but plain ice works just fine.  The purpose of the large ball cube is to chill the Bourbon without diluting it with quick melting ice.

They put out some snacks – the usual cheese and crackers, spinach artichoke dip from Costco, some bite sized brownies and invited a handful of friends.

Have a handful of cigars or invite guests to bring their own to enjoy out on the back patio or around the fire pit.  A good cigar is the perfect companion to a nice bourbon.

There you go, the recipe for a GREAT party friends may never remember (depending on how much Bourbon they sample).  Of course, be sure there is a designated driver, Uber app at the ready or better yet – just invite neighbors so they can walk – or stagger home at the end of the evening. 

Not a Bourbon lover?  No reason why this wouldn’t be equally as fun with Tequila – flavored Vodkas – any number of liquors.  Of course, you’ll have to come up with your own catchy name –  but if you throw one of these parties – be sure to invite ME!

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