I love smokehouse flavors on foods. Everything from chicken, salmon, chips, you name it. If they could make tofu with a rich smokey flavor, I’d eat that too!

So, imagine combining one of my favorite flavors with one of my favorite foods, PIZZA!  I am in heaven.  Well, I’m actually in Scottsdale…And while I’m here (4 months out of the year at least – I’m here at least once a week).

Humble Pie Scottsdale

Humble Pie Scottsdale

Humble Pie is where I found this surprisingly rare taste combination. They have six locations around Phoenix. I went to the one in Scottsdale, in the Shops at Hilton Village. My wife introduced me to it last October  She’d read tremendous reviews on Yelp, had a great lunch there with her sister and never stopped talking about it.  So we had to check it out together. It really does live up to their high ratings.  It quickly became one of our favorite places in Scottsdale and we’ve been back several times.  Plus we love a place with patio dining – YEAR ROUND!

The modern miracle that prompted me to write this post however, isn’t on the regular menu. It’s actually a SECRET RECIPE that I’m about to share with the world.

Their menu is well rounded Italian fare with flare: soups, salads, sammies, burgers, and pasta. Their specialty is wood-fired  pizza, with “white” pizza choices, including shrimp, fig & prosciutto, goat cheese, artichoke, buffalo chicken, and more. Their red sauce pizza also has great choices, including meatball, chicken Parmesan, etc. Just about anything  – you get the idea.

What caught my eye was their barbecue chicken pizza that had smoked mozzarella. I thought, Hmm… I bet that would go great with pepperoni. And, how about something a little salty. They didn’t have anchovies, but they did have Kalamata olives.  So, I asked if they could do that. Of course they can! They have all those ingredients in the kitchen, so why not?

HumblePie4The taste is amazing! Imagine your favorite pepperoni stick, but with cheese, sauce, lots of smokey flavor having a wild party in your mouth.ArmageddonSmoke

Names that would fit this powerful blend might include: Nuclear Smoke, Heavenly Smoke… Wait! I know… How about

Armageddon Smoke on Pizza!

There’s another thing I call it… breakfast.







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