In these posts I discuss various shocking facts I’ve discovered in surfing the Internet. I don’t usually seek them out, but I’ll see some news bit about something interesting, begin surfing, get distracted by some other bit, then, “Holy crap, I never knew that!” Hopefully, you’ll find these things equally shocking.

From Tragedy: Hope.  From Evil: Goodness

From Tragedy: Hope. From Evil: Goodness

This Friday is the anniversary of 9/11.     April, 2001 we were in Manhattan with my 3 sons for their spring break. We did all the usual tourist stops, the crown of the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, a Broadway show, the Empire State Building and two memorable...

Would a Government Really Kill People?

OH, YOU BET! Governments throughout history have killed more of their own people than have been killed in all wars combined, according to Professor R.J. Rummel of the University of Hawaii. He’s the author on several books which clearly outline the history of...
Ooh Rah!

Ooh Rah!

You may or may not know, but I was a Marine.  My oldest son is currently a Marine officer and last weekend, my wife and I went down to Camp Pendleton to watch him deploy.  With that as background, it probably makes some sense that I write military science fiction....


In New York City for about 10 days, what author wouldn’t love to do some writing in the opulent public spaces of the New York Library?  I brought my laptop computer and headed out to spend my Sunday inspired. The first disappointment, tbat stunning room seen on...

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