In New York City for about 10 days, what author wouldn’t love to do some writing in the opulent public spaces of the New York Library?  I brought my laptop computer and headed out to spend my Sunday inspired.


Rose Reading Room

The first disappointment, that stunning room seen on the internet, the Rose Main Reading Room is CLOSED.  Not just today, but closed for months!  Seems some plaster fell from the ceiling a few months ago prompting them to close the room for 6 months to study the problem.  While they were up there in the ceiling, they found asbestos.  More delays.  When will it reopen?  Certainly not while I’m in town!  So much for my vision of how the day would unfold.




Author, John Murphy

Author, John Murphy

Instead, I’m set up on a crappy cafeteria style table and a folding chair.  Glamorous, don’t you think?

While here, my trusty publicist (aka my wife) planned to visit the sci-fi section and leave my “alien survival coaster” in various books, a free gift for future readers who could use it as a bookmark if not an actual coaster.

Guess what?  There are over 10 million books here in the New York Public Library and NONE of them are available to the public!  How’s that for irony?   Seems this is only a research library.  Books are only for researchers, its not a “lending” library.

Would have expected that perhaps on the campus of Columbia University or the Libary of Congress, but the New York Public Libary?  All this space and NOTHING to read!  Shhhh….t!


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