Rent or Buy

It’s always been a latent desire of mine to ride motorcycles on the open road and in various national parks. I also thought it would be a good activity to do with my kids now that they are adults.

My oldest son, a Marine Corps Officer, was the first to take the plunge and actually buy a motorcycle, a Harley Blackline.  This encouraged me to contact Evergreen Motorcycle Training, take the classes, get certified, licensed and actually begin to ride.

Harley Fatboy

I’ve done quite a bit of ATV tours over the past 15 years and it was always a great time. However, it was off road, rugged terrain and there were only a few other ATV riders to contend with. Yet, I wanted to catch up with my son and try riding on public roads.

Unsure of what kind of motorcycle to get, I decided to rent a Harley from a local dealership.  In most major markets, be that Seattle or Scottsdale, you can find a dealership offering rentals in addition to sales.

Want to join us on a ride?  Get trained, get your license and then rent a motorcycle a few times until you know which model suits you best.  See you along the way!


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