For as much whining and moping as I do, I have lived a blessed life. I had the Luck of the Irish to marry, not only a very social, upbeat, and sparkly woman, but one who loves travel. Since then, she’s dragged me by my grumpy hand to all seven continents (my kids too, bless her heart). In these posts I’ll share some of the cool places we’ve gone.

Ick! Cooties, Cooties Everywhere!

Do you always seem to catch a cold every time you travel?  I used to but it hasn’t happened to me in a couple of years, not since I read an article pointing out what is most likely to make us sick when we travel. No, it’s not the cabin air of the plane...

Koalas have no ribs! Amusing hug photos.

It’s an outback legend that Koalas don’t have ribs, but that’s not true. They have a rib cage and 11 rib pairs, vs. 13 of most other mammals. Anyway, on with it… Sipping the great Australian wines from Red Earth Wines last week brought to mind...

Stay at My Place

My wife and I saw Quentin Tarantino‘s movie “Hostel” on the huge screen at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood a number of years ago.  When my youngest son, then just 20, said he wanted to spend a couple of months in Europe (on his own dime...

Inspiration in Peru

When traveling the world, there’s a great deal that can inspire one’s soul. The Pyramids, the Great Wall, the Eiffel Tower, the list is lengthy. Once in a while, I’ve stumbled upon some interactions with the locals that really stand out in my...
Quest for the Perfect Pizza

Quest for the Perfect Pizza

What makes the perfect pizza? Who is to say? It’s a question for the ages. For me, the perfect pizza is the style an individual likes from childhood. I grew up in upstate New York, in the country-side, with mountains and crystal clear streams. Most of my friends from...
Blueberry Bushes and Lamp Posts

Blueberry Bushes and Lamp Posts

Navigation. Even with our fancy schmantzy electronics, we still have to rely upon our innate navigation skills. Especially in a foreign world like New York City. Men and women not only think differently, they navigate by entirely different methods. My wife and I spent...
Riding the Waves

Riding the Waves

I’ve always liked the feeling of bouncing across waves in all types of vessels from catamarans to zodiacs to cruise ships.  Here are some of my personal favorites.  If you are an adrenaline junkie, you might enjoy these as well: 1.) Honolulu, Hawaii –...

A Pinnacle Moment in Travel

One of the great things about travel is not just in the adventure of going, but, in seeing reminders in TV and movies, and saying, “I’ve been there!” My family and I went to Egypt before things got politically hot during the Arab Spring. The thing...

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