I must confess…

I have to confess 2 things. The first is I really didn’t want to do this. As a fiction author, I just want to write my next novel. But my publisher was insistent that I create an Author Blog (or platform). What would I write about? My story? Breakfast? Whining a great deal to my wife about it, I had to come up with a URL. JohnMurphy.com was taken, and I didn’t like the variant’s, JohnMurphyAuthor, etc. Then while riding a Harley to the Superstition Mountains near Apache Junction, AZ, This URL came to me. Folks at my publisher gave it the thumbs up cuz it catches your attention and is kind of memorable.

The second thing I must confess… I’m kind of liking this. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I do.



From Tragedy: Hope.  From Evil: Goodness

From Tragedy: Hope. From Evil: Goodness

This Friday is the anniversary of 9/11.     April, 2001 we were in Manhattan with my 3 sons for their spring break. We did all the usual tourist stops, the crown of the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, a Broadway show, the Empire State Building and two memorable...
The “Coolest” Place on Earth

The “Coolest” Place on Earth

When I was starting out as an adult, I never dreamed I would travel as much as I have. I drove across the country several times and that was pretty much the scope of my travels. I was pretty broke, but gas was cheap back then and I drove anywhere I wanted to go....

Ick! Cooties, Cooties Everywhere!

Do you always seem to catch a cold every time you travel?  I used to but it hasn’t happened to me in a couple of years, not since I read an article pointing out what is most likely to make us sick when we travel. No, it’s not the cabin air of the plane...

Would a Government Really Kill People?

OH, YOU BET! Governments throughout history have killed more of their own people than have been killed in all wars combined, according to Professor R.J. Rummel of the University of Hawaii. He’s the author on several books which clearly outline the history of...

Koalas have no ribs! Amusing hug photos.

It’s an outback legend that Koalas don’t have ribs, but that’s not true. They have a rib cage and 11 rib pairs, vs. 13 of most other mammals. Anyway, on with it… Sipping the great Australian wines from Red Earth Wines last week brought to mind...
This Chicken Ruffles Left Wing Feathers!

This Chicken Ruffles Left Wing Feathers!

Why Did the Line of Cars Cross the Road? To get into the new Chick-fil-a in Bellevue, Washington. When the first location opened early April, there were tents and overnight campers as you’d expect from those wanting to be part of the “First 100″ and...

Feel Safer?

Shootings by deranged individuals have once again puts guns, gun rights and gun ownership back on the conversation “front burner”.  The question of who should be armed and training needed to be a responsible gun owner is invariably part of the discussion....
Man Cave Nirvana Without the Cost

Man Cave Nirvana Without the Cost

Watching all those home make-over shows on HGTV over the years often leaves me wanting a man-cave like those fantastic creations from the shows. There’s no “unfinished” anything in our house and we have a view to die for so moving isn’t an...

Stay at My Place

My wife and I saw Quentin Tarantino‘s movie “Hostel” on the huge screen at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood a number of years ago.  When my youngest son, then just 20, said he wanted to spend a couple of months in Europe (on his own dime...

Riding a Rocket

I enjoy riding motorcycles, but I’m still a novice.  I also don’t have many opportunities to ride so I haven’t purchased a bike of my own yet,  My first experience with a Harley Heritage Classic Softail was much better and less scary than I’d...

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