SuperstitionI caught the motorcycle bug from my son, a Marine. I’ve been trying them out and visiting other locals. Someday soon, when the weather breaks, I’ll figure out which one I want to get. In the mean time, I’ll post here about my experiences and impressions.

I admit, I’m a rookie. If you’re interested in getting into motorcycles, you can ride along and see what another rookie is experiencing.



Superstition Mountains, Arizona

Riding a Rocket

I enjoy riding motorcycles, but I’m still a novice.  I also don’t have many opportunities to ride so I haven’t purchased a bike of my own yet,  My first experience with a Harley Heritage Classic Softail was much better and less scary than I’d...
Impressions of a Hallowed Hog

Impressions of a Hallowed Hog

Again, I’m not a motorcycle expert, but I’d like to share my experiences of riding as a newbie. I took the safety training course on a 250cc Honda Rebel. There were about 12 students in the class, some had experience, most had not. Five of them were under...
Factory of Steel Thrill

Factory of Steel Thrill

I was in Kansas City for a sad reason, my mother-in-law’s funeral. I spent several days there with little for me to do except be there for whatever my wife needed.   When picking me up at the airport, she pointed out a billboard for Harley Davidson Factory...

Rent or Buy

It’s always been a latent desire of mine to ride motorcycles on the open road and in various national parks. I also thought it would be a good activity to do with my kids now that they are adults. My oldest son, a Marine Corps Officer, was the first to take the...

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