In these blog posts I share experiences at great places to have a stogie. I’ll also get into some interesting stuff about spirits, wines, beer, and other such stories.



21 Degrees of Satisfaction

21 Degrees of Satisfaction

21 Degrees Cigar bar in Scottsdale, at 94th and Shea, has one of the best places I've found to satisfy my desire for a great stogie.   Pat and Linda Mitchell have put together a superb shop, with a humidor that boarders on a "show case" of fine smokes. You'll...

Suburban Bourbon

One of our friends is a "Bourbon Connoisseur".  Most of the rest of us are willing to drink anything someone else has bought.  That being said, our friend threw a great party - an idea you may want to replicate in your own neighborhood.  Our bud lives in the suburbs...

Great Places for a Stogie

While every state in the nation has banned cigarettes in public (and heartily patting themselves on their collective backs), tribal casinos have thrived because of their "independent nation" status. They permit not only cigarette smoking, but have become great places...

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