For a while there in my quirky career path I thought it would be cool to be in executive protection. I took a great many courses related to firearms, empty-hand self defense, knife fighting, and counter terrorism courses.  You would be stunned at all the kinds of classes you can take around the country, or even in within fifty miles of you. Unless you’re “into” this kind of stuff, it exists out there without you even knowing it.

Feel Safer?

Shootings by deranged individuals have once again puts guns, gun rights and gun ownership back on the conversation “front burner”.  The question of who should be armed and training needed to be a responsible gun owner is invariably part of the discussion....
Knife fighting for the Kids

Knife fighting for the Kids

Public schools universally teach children to share, don’t hit, don’t do drugs, etc.  If your kid gets bullied in school, the parents get called into the principal’s office, and they tell you how they’re going to work things out, time-outs,...
Hold on to your gun… or DIE.

Hold on to your gun… or DIE.

There’s been a lot of controversy in the news these days about cops acting like cowboys and hunting down civilians. It’s unbelievable what news people will say to get ratings. I’m sorry, but such claims don’t pass the “What The...
Counter terrorism — for YOU!

Counter terrorism — for YOU!

I admit it, I was a huge fan of the TV show “24” (at least the first four seasons). I even made my own parody video which you can still watch on YouTube.  The national fear of another terrorist strike left many people feeling defenseless against...

Do you Feel Safer?

Click to zoom image. This is a result of a Google search on the phrase “gun range”. This may surprise some people who are not “into guns”. Whether you live in a “gun friendly” state or city, or not, accessibility to such gun ranges...

1.5 seconds can be a long time.

It’s amazing how much can occur in 1.5 seconds. A thug approaching you at an ATM can be on you with a knife from 20+ feet away. Police training uses a range of 20 feet as a “kill zone” in which you (private citizen or cop) can be killed by an...

Shoot Like a Girl

Pat yourselves on the back all you like, oh, maker’s of “Like a Girl” Super Bowl ad. You succeeded in getting a lot of buzz. However, I can’t think of a better way to boost confidence for girls, or for anyone, than to learn how to shoot.

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