My wife and I are big consumers of entertainment, going to the theater, shows in Vegas, concerts, stand-up comics, etc. In these posts I’ll share opinions on stuff I get to experience, and maybe you can check them out for yourself. I also use this category to blog about movies, TV shows, and books.

But, I do draw the line at opera and ballet, Puke! “Sorry, honey, can’t go to that. Got a stogie with my name on it!”

Another Glass of Rose’ Please

Another Glass of Rose’ Please

Believe it or not, my wife and I eat out in the Seattle area less than any other couple we know.  Largely its because we travel SO MUCH we eat in restaurants 3 meals a day for weeks.  When we get home, it's a pleasure to eat simply and try to recover from the damage...

More than a Game

Admittedly,  I'm not a big sports fan.  That doesn't mean even I don't get a touch of "Seahawks fever" living in Seattle when our hometown team makes the playoffs.  Watching the "Miracle Win" on Sunday when the Seahawks defeated the Packers, I saw something more than...

Lt. Dan Band

Back in 2010, my wife and I "won" a behind the scenes set tour of the show "CSI New York" with a one-on-one visit with the show's star Gary Sinise. The auction was for the benefit of the local chapter of the USO, United Service Organizations, which helps military...

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