Admittedly,  I’m not a big sports fan.  That doesn’t mean even I don’t get a touch of “Seahawks fever” living in Seattle when our hometown team makes the playoffs.  Watching the “Miracle Win” on Sunday when the Seahawks defeated the Packers, I saw something more than just a game.

russell-wilson-br-espn (1)Never give up.  Russell Wilson threw 4 interceptions and was sacked 4 times in the first 58 minutes of Sunday’s game.  Most people would have found it hard enough just to stand – much less rally given the situation.  But rally he did!  Two touchdowns for a total of 15 points (2 point conversion) in only 44 seconds!  Hope you didn’t choose those last 2 minutes of the game to hit the head!  

We want our sportsmen to be role models and Russell Wilson certainly stepped up to that calling once again on Sunday.  I could hear Dad’s everywhere saying to their kids, “That’s what I mean by never giving up.”


But Russell Wilson did not achieve this miracle alone.  Marshawn “The Beast” Lynch dug in and muscled ahead 157 yards in Sunday’s game – often with multiple defenders on his back.  Another role model moment – how often do we shirk in the face of adversity?  How easy is it to be intimidated by competitors?  I wish I could have done a screen capture of Lynch with at least 4 Packers hanging onto him as his thigh muscles bulged with the combination of training and sheer force of will to reach that first down mark.


Not nearly enough has been said about Richard Sherman.  The key defensive player was injured.  Not just a bump or bruise.b99428198z.1_20150119002624_000_g8a9jbs8.1-0  A make grown men wince and cringe injury.  Yet despite his obvious agony, time and time again he jumped up off the bench, grabbed his helmet and took his place on the field.  You could see as he held his left arm against him as if it were in an invisible sling that he was in pain but his performance did not suffer.  No competitor was able to exploit him to their advantage.  Guess this makes calling in sick from too many beers and brats look pretty wussy.

There were lessons in leadership too.  Jermaine Kearse had 2 key passes bounce off his hands during regulation play on Sunday.  Many teams would have looked to someone else in a clutch situation not wanting to risk another miss.  But it was Kearse who was thrown the game winning pass in overtime to clinch the Seahawks Superbowl appearance yet again.  Great leaders know their team, their strengths and the value of believing in each other.

Then there were the lessons in faith.  Faith in each other and faith in God.  From my perch in West Seattle with a cigar in hand I could hear the booms from the stadium and the roar of the fans and on Sunday, even I was a football fan.

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