Back in 2001, I quit my job in the high tech industry to launch my new chosen career in motivational speaking.

I had absorbed as much of this motivational stuff (on, yes, cassettes) while commuting to and from work. They did, in fact, help my career and income.

There were motivational speakers I liked and those I didn’t, some styles I found helpful, and others completely unhelpful. While listening, I always thought how I’d do it differently, hopefully, to be more effective in motivating the listener.

Book_SWACDSo, I jumped for the “brass ring” and wrote “Success Without a College Degree”. While I did have a four-year business degree, all the things that made me successful came from, not that diploma, but from things that are available to everyone, whether they have a degree or not. Things like motivational tapes, tons of books at the book store or library, and talking to people who were successful. Believe me, I didn’t just jump. It was a long, deliberative process, and it took me months and months to write the book.

Since that time, I’ve done speaking engagements and have honed the messages I have to share from not only my own success experiences, but as an director of sales, and as and employer. I’ve learned and discussed with others what it is that people who have the money or power to pay you more money have to say, and what they look for in employees.

In the blog posts in this category, I will share these life lessons with you in the unique way I’ve crafted to get the point across, so that you will find success in your career and help you to make mo’ money.



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