I took a major career path change some time back. I went from a very successful career in the software industry to writing a book about how others can be successful too. I distilled the great deal that I had experienced as well as learned from motivational tapes, and put my own spin on it to make it more practical and approachable.

Although my book is out of print, I am considering updating it because the advice from then is even more applicable today. In the mean time, I share excerpts here that you’ll hopefully find helpful and insightful. Sign up for the Free Stuff and I’ll ping you when I have a new article.

Your Life… An Author’s Essay

Your life has more meaning than you presently know. When you’re young and just starting out, it’s hard to decide what you want to be when you grow up. I’ve met many people in their forties still asking the same question. You will, no doubt, experience many times,...

Makin’ Mo Money

Back in 2001, I quit my job in the high tech industry to launch my new chosen career in motivational speaking. I had absorbed as much of this motivational stuff (on, yes, cassettes) while commuting to and from work. They did, in fact, help my career and income. There...

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