Back in 2010, my wife and I “won” a behind the scenes set tour of the show “CSI New York” with a one-on-one visit with the show’s star Gary Sinise.

USOThe auction was for the benefit of the local chapter of the USO, United Service Organizations, which helps military personnel in a wide variety of ways. We were quite honored to participate.

We already liked the show, and Gary Sinise especially, since we knew he was a big supporter of the troops and wounded veterans. You can learn more about his ongoing work to support our heros at the Gary Senise Foundation.  One of the many ways Gary supports our troops and first responders is with the “Lt. Dan Band”.  They performs for the troops periodically and includes many present day headliners contributing their time and talent.  Gotta love a band whose tagline is “Honor.  Gratitude.  Rock & Roll”.

When we got to the studio lot in LA (yes, the NY show was filmed in LA – not NY – welcome to Hollywood)  we were whisked to the set by one of Gary’s team. Each of the major stars has one or more handlers or assistants to take care of the numerous distractions on a set. These guys were big and burly dudes who’ve spent their careers on sets swinging lights and props.



The loyalty they had for Gary was palpable. It was a “fight to the death” sort of loyalty that comes from, not  hangars on of celebrity coat tails, but from believing 100 percent in a man and his mission. It felt like meeting knights. It’s contagious.

If only the actors of Game of Thrones could have been that loyal, all those characters wouldn’t have been “written out” the way they had.

As for meeting the man, Gary Sinise, he comes across as just an ordinary guy that you might meet at the bar. He’s very congenial and untouched by the typical Hollywood snobbery. As a man with a cause, you just want to sign on right away.


LtDanHe was gracious with letting us take pics. Of course, I immediately sent them to my sons with no description. My youngest was in 10th grade at the time, and at school. He texted back right away, “Is that Lt. Dan?”


I can only imagine him showing his buds at school.





Check out this video. He’s at it again, being a great man with a great cause.

If you’re wondering, yes… I did. I hope you will too.

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