20150319_190328If you’re ever on your way to Snoqualmie Casino around meal time, stop by The Woodman Lodge Historic Steakhouse & Saloon in Snoqualmie, WA.

My wife and I had been shopping for skis in North Bend, WA, hoping for some end-of-the-season bargains at Mt. Si Board and Skate. They had a few sets, but were expecting a good deal more as area local ski resorts retired their inventory of (barely used) skis thanks to the record low snowfall.

Afterwards, we were ready for a hearty meal. After a quick search of OpenTable.com, we spotted The Woodman Lodge. We’d been there before for their Tuesday all-you-can-eat-ribs special. Perfect! Well, it was Thursday, but the ribs are worth it even if they’re not on special.

Snoqualmie is a small town best known for the Snoqualmie Falls, which is a must see for anyone visiting from elsewhere. The town used to be a railroad stop from the logging and coal mining days, and several engines and railcars from a hundred years ago welcome you to the town.

Nestled in the blooming cherry trees is The Woodman. Gorgeous!

The building is around a hundred years old, with lots of character in the well maintained woodwork. The interior has a great rustic feel, walls decorated with mounted animals, reminiscent of the old west.

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But, we’re hungry, so let’s get down to business.

Ah, the ribs! My wife ordered a half rack, and, of course, I got a full rack. Rosemary fries, please! Those could be a guilty pleasure meal all by themselves. The rest of the menu looks fantastic, and I’ve had a few other offerings on previous visits. Really great cuisine for such a small town.

We were inspired by the people working there. Our first encounter was with the busser, a young guy named Justin.  Turns out he got the job here when his attitude caught the eye of the then General Manager who met him while he was working at a sandwich shop and offered him a job. Everything about his manner was congenial and friendly so good find for the Woodman! Our waitress, TC, was also very pleasant. My wife and I hold a firm belief that the nature of any business is a reflection of the person at the top and the Woodman is in good hands with Ben Hollander in the GM position.  His previous track record with award-winning 99 Park will no doubt serve the Woodman and staff well.

Whether you’re site seeing the falls or on your way to Snoqualmie Casino, Woodman Lodge is a big find!

Woodman Lodge Historic Steakhouse and Saloon

38601 SE King Street

Snoqualmie, WA



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