My sister-in-law told me I had to go check out this cigar lounge, Baxter’s Cigars in the Town & Country shopping center at 22nd and Camelback. She had known the proprietor, Joe Barnett, from his days as a valet for Chelsea’s Kitchen.

RollsHe was such a congenial guy, that she had allowed him to drive her vintage Rolls Royce Grey Ghost (a treasured collector item of hers, rather than the Kia she and her husband drive around town). When my niece went to prom, Joe was the only one my sister would consider as a driver.

Now he’s running a cigar shop, so I stopped in. Right away, I knew this place was going to be different. A couple of older gentlemen were singing along with some 80’s pop hits.  Joe was quick to fetch me a free soft-drink.

I asked him for his recommendation on a stick, and he pointed out an Oliva Series V 55×6″, Cigar Aficionado’s number one cigar for 2014.olivamelanio-225

Baxter’s a very roomy place, lots of easy chairs, TVs, a huge humidor, and a dog named Baxter. A lot of people came and went while over the couple of hours I spent there.  It really felt like everyone knew one another with lots of talkin’ smack. If you’re looking for a place to “hang with friends”,or make new ones, this is it.

I took some pics and video footage. While I enjoyed my #1, I broke open my PC, and edited together to make a short video.

Thanks, Joe. Great place you’ve made here! And don’t tell my sister-in-law I said so, but, she was right!


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