The Old Man and the Wasteland
By Nick Cole

I’m a guy who stockpiles canned food, water, flashlights, batteries and ammo in case of a natural disaster or national emergency.   After all, my avatar for Twitter and my blog name are “Armageddon on Toast”.  My wife, on the other hand,  is fond of champagne and first class accommodations.  She always says she never wants to be one of the “survivors” should there ever be a nuclear holocaust.  In “The Old Man and the Wasteland”, author Nick Cole paints the picture of exactly WHY she feels that way in great detail!

We begin the story many years after nuclear bombs have destroyed every major US city.  A village cobbled together of battered sheds and salvaged scraps seems to be what remains of modern civilization.  An “Old Man”, whose name we never even learn, is a member of this village and has been part of the team who venture out beyond the village to salvage anything that might be usable to the people who have survived.  Having not found anything useful in quite some time, he strikes out on his own into previously unsalvaged areas in search of not only items – but perhaps a sense of purpose.

His adventures are a telling tale of what our world – and mankind – could become and what we might be forced to do to survive.  Through the pages of “The Old Man and the Wasteland” we experience thirst, hunger, fear, pain, despair and ultimately hope.

We begin our journey with the “Old Man” in search of salvage but find redemption, resilience of the human spirit and a future.  Anyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic drama will find the story fast-paced and engaging.   It will give the reader a new found appreciation for the comforts of civilized life and a renewed desire to preserve it for future generations.



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