The Singularity:  REVOLUTIONARY

By David Beers


Guaranteed to make you lose sleep!  The Singularity: Revolutionary, the last episode in this dystopian science fiction series will unleash your worst nightmares.  This is an intense and graphic epic tale not for the faint of heart!  Fans of both horror and sci-fi will devour it along with the rest of the series.


If you jump into one of the later books, it will take you a bit to figure out what’s going on.  Unlike some series, the author doesn’t “catch you up”.  The books are truly a “space opera” where the story-line and character development occur over the length of the series.  In some ways it’s more like one very big book broken into more manageable pieces.  My recommendation is to start at the beginning  with The Singularity – Heretic so it will flow – just be prepared to want to read book after book!  (When I looked on Amazon, I noticed the 1st book in the series is currently FREE so get started!)

1st in series

1st in series

Though humans live on earth, Ai controls society.  The one they cannot truly control though is Caesar.  In this last installment of The Singularity series, sadistic machines relish in pain and torture.  Everything Caesar cherishes is being held hostage.  Several characters suffer in desperate situations and are forced to make choices none of us would ever want to have to make. Each of the characters are complex and the turmoil of their situations, gripping.  


This battle of man versus machine brings out the worst of human nature making you wonder whether the human race deserves to be saved.


This exciting series is science fiction, horror and thriller all rolled into one.  Filled with page after page of thought provoking questions guaranteed to keep you thinking long after the last words have been read.





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