I’m a fan of Brian K. Larson’s Salvage-5 series of Science Fiction adventures and have reviewed them in a previous blog post.  In the first book of that series, mention is made of the lead character, Colonel Tucker Petersen’s son, Bennie, who has been in some sort of accident and is hospitalized.  While this may have originally been intended to simply give depth to the character, it also provided the opportunity for the AMP (Amplified Mental Projection) series.

AMP Phase 1 fills in the story of Colonel Petersen’s son, Bennie, how he came to be injured and how the alien technology recovered by his father in the first Salvage-5 mission is used to help him. I don’t want to give too much away or I’d spoil great plot twists the author has carefully crafted.  But to give an overview, Doctor Rhodes and his team of scientists work to replicate the technology. In this futuristic version of Seattle, people are signing up for implants of this 2nd generation technology for recreational purposes and in many ways, it seems to be creating a new form of addiction.It’s almost as if the opioid epidemic has been replaced by these implants. Instead of “safe rooms” for addicts to shoot up as is being proposed currently in Seattle, there are clubs, both government run and underground, where the implanted can go to get “amped”.

Now who – and why – would leaders want a population implanted with this technology?  The plan and the plotters revealed in more detail in books Phase 2 and Phase 3 are part of the surprises I don’t want to spoil for you.

Colonel Petersen’s son, Bennie has the original technology rather than the copy which makes him unique,  valuable and dangerous in many ways.  There is always another unexpected twist around the corner as we learn in the Phase 4 book.


What started as a more detailed explanation of the alien technology recovered by Colonel Petersen from the asteroid mining project and how it benefited his son, has evolved into an exciting, interesting and compelling stand alone series of techno thrillers.  The concept is fresh, the characters are engaging and there is plenty of action, suspense and surprises.  You can not only see the character evolution as you read each in the series, but the growth of the author and his skills with each installment.

Kindle Unlimited members can read the entire series FREE as part of your subscription.  Not an Unlimited member?  You can buy the ebooks and “get amped” each for less than the price of a latte!

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