Fist Full of Rocky!

Fist Full of Rocky!

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One of the things I enjoy about cigar events at Lit Lounge, Snoqualmie Casino, is the broadening of my favorite cigars. LitLounge

For over a year now I’ve chosen the Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary, which is full bodied and EASY draw. Lit Lounge keeps them in stock in large part because I buy so many, and they’re sure to tell me when they’ve got them. I recently went to Las Vegas where my wife and I stayed at the Palazzo, and I made sure to bring a box for the trip.

Because I’m so finicky about having that easy draw, I don’t normally like to experiment with unknown cigars. I’ve done it a number of times, and, after laying down $15 for a well reputed brand, I’m dismayed to get one that is a hard draw. It’s like smoking a wooden stick. The experience is not only disappointing for the desired “cloud of smoke”, but it leaves the underside of my tongue strained. It may be just how it was stored or how old the individual cigar is, but it turns me off and I don’t revisit.

When my wife bought me a ticket to a Rocky Patel event, I was ready to explore within a familiar brand.

The theme for the event was in celebration of Rocky’s Prohibition cigar. It was a private event, and you had to have an invitation and a password to get in, you know… like a speakeasy!


RockyJosh-236x300The manager, Josh, and his crew, Narong, Zach, and Melissa all wore outfits reminiscent of the prohibition era. A few of the regulars showed up in costume, including Richard who had a full-fledged zoot suit.

I got to meet the Rocky regional sales manager, Rob Birsinger, and the lovely spokewoman, Jessica from DC, who tours the country for just such events. Talk about an easy draw! I’m sure my fellow smokers would go to the event just for a picture with her. I even got an autographed poster. She’ll be visiting your favorite cigar lounge this year. (BTW: I loves yoga pants!)



Part of the deal was a free drink, a “Boardwalk Empire”, and a steep discount on a “barrel” of Rocky’s Prohibitions. I chose the Broadleaf. In fact, I’m smoking one now as I write this. Buyers also got a “fist full” of bonus cigars of the various Rocky Blends, which I tried and enjoyed.  I like this deal because I can expand my favorites without risk.

If you ever visit Snoqualmie Casino, stop by Lit Lounge. If you see a guy at the bar on his laptop working on his next novel, that’s me – come say hello!20150321_150258-300x207



John Murphy is the author of Mission Veritas, a science fiction adventure.

“Candidates for an elite fighting force must qualify on a planet of truth. Killian must hide his past as a ruthless rebel fighter at the risk of imprisonment.”


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