Salvage – 5:  The First Mission

Admittedly, as a cigar lover, as I was hooked as soon as crusty, retired Colonel Tucker Petersen lit his first stick.  Recalled for a rescue mission to a remote part of the galaxy where the previous “rescue mission” (Salvage 4) has now gone missing, Petersen assembles a crew of colorful, likable characters to assist.  As a reader, there is someone for everyone – the genius computer geek, a sassy blonde, leaders with power and hidden agendas and of course – Petersen!

Those of us with military backgrounds will secretly wish we could have bucked the chain of command as he does.  It helps that he is RETIRED and desperately needed for what many fear is a suicide mission.  In many ways, it was reminiscent of Armageddon, one of my all time favorite movies (after all, this blog is called Armageddon on Toast).  The consummate professional when it matters, Petersen is politically incorrect (YES!) and flaunts his cigar smoking in ways most of us only dream of doing!

In Salvage-5: The First Mission, Brian K. Larsen manages to transport us to an Earth future we can still relate to and he never bogs us down with too much techno babble.  I don’t want to give away too much of the story or ruin any of the surprises but suffice it to say it wasn’t simply “technical problems” which befell Salvage 4.  Petersen and his top-notch – albeit unconventional – crew have their hands full very early on.  To succeed in the mission – to even SURVIVE the mission – requires each of their unique skills and personal sacrifice.  

This is the perfect adventure to relax with after a long work week  So pour yourself a nice glass of your favorite adult beverage, download the story to your tablet, reader or phone and light up your favorite cigar and go traveling the galaxy with Colonel Tucker Petersen.  I’ll be surprised if you don’t want to read ALL of his adventures!



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