Orphan Black

Orphan Black is a BBC production.  The show is categorized as “Science Fiction” even though the only element which makes it so is that the “science” behind the premise of the story is currently still “fiction”.  No aliens, spaceships or other planets.  That being said, it is a completely engrossing series guaranteed to hook you with the very first episode.

The show centers around Sarah Manning (brilliantly played by Tatiana Maslany,  an Emmy award winner for her performance), a young, street smart woman in her late twenties.  While not an outright criminal, Sarah lives on the edge.  She is clearly an opportunist who has survived relying on her wits.

One day, Sarah sees another woman in a subway train station.  The woman sets her handbag down on the pavement.  She then steps out of her shoes.  Next she removes her jacket, folds it neatly and lays it on her shoes.  She looks up, makes eye contact with Sarah and then steps in front of an oncoming train.

In the instant of eye contact, Sarah notices the woman looks similar to her.  Since the woman is clearly no longer in need of her handbag, Sarah takes it.  However, while she expects to get some easy cash, perhaps a few days use of credit cards or a few valuables from the now dead woman’s apartment – she isn’t prepared for what she learns about not only the dead woman and herself too!  Needless to say, no one jumps in front of a speeding train for no reason!

All of that happens in the first few minutes of the first episode so it is in no way a “spoiler”.  The content can be “adult” at times – mostly language and limited nudity. There are 5 seasons available so this clearly qualifies as “binge worthy TV”. Admittedly, by the last season (5) the story is getting weak but that doesn’t mean it’s still not worth a watch.  If you like to watch on DVD’s, you can buy Season 1 on Amazon or you can get the entire series in a set to add to your personal collection. Are you an Amazon Prime Member?  If so, the first FOUR seasons are FREE!  How great is that?!?  So you can check it out without spending a dime!

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