Believe it or not, my wife and I eat out in the Seattle area less than any other couple we know.  Largely its because we travel SO MUCH we eat in restaurants 3 meals a day for weeks.  When we get home, it’s a pleasure to eat simply and try to recover from the damage done to our diets!  The exception is on theater nights.  We will go downtown, park, have dinner and see a show either at the Paramount or the 5th Avenue, both of which we have season tickets.  On those nights we tend to eat at one of 3 or 4 nearby restaurants that take reservations.

LotNo3It’s a rare event for us to “go out to dinner” as a solo activity for an evening but this week, we did just that!  My wife, the world’s best “conceirge” found us a new restaurant – or at least new to us!  Lot No. 3 is in Bellevue, WA on 106th Ave NE. Billed as a “gastropub”, the inside of the restaurant has a large bar, long community tables, cushy sofas and table seating on a loft level.

We got there early for our reservation and we able to get a table outside.  Now, this is not a fancy “patio”, more Paris style sidewalk dining.  20150610_183608It was a gorgeous, sunny Seattle day so the umbrellas offered a nice break from the sun as it rested lower on the horizon.    Paris style dining calls for Rose’ wine and they had one on Happy Hour!  Unlike many restaurants, the Happy Hour menu and prices were available at the table, not just at the bar.


20150610_174731The menu is an interesting twist on “comfort food”.  We started with a big hot pretzel to share with the chipolte cheese sauce (just the right amount of spicy) and Kettle Chips with onion dip.  The dip could have used a touch more pizazz but hey, Kettle chips are always a hit!  I had one of their sliders, the Crispy Pork Belly and the Mrs. had the Painted Hills Beef – both were tasty.  Then I had the Beef Stroganoff and my wife had their Chopped Salad.  Thumbs up on the Stroganoff and Mrs. M. liked the addition of chopped kale to the salad.  She said it made it unique but wasn’t “overkill” on the kale either.

There were a couple of temptations we resisted; the Plate O candied Bacon and the homemade Cinnamon Rolls but we made up for it with several glasses of Rose’!

RoseOverall, a delightful evening.  If you are in Bellevue and are looking for a spot for happy hour with coworkers, the community tables would be perfect.  If you want a memorable evening with someone special, get a table outside, order a few glasses of Rose’ and enjoy!







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