21 Degrees Cigar bar in Scottsdale, at 94th and Shea, has one of the best places I’ve found to satisfy my desire for a great stogie.



Pat and Linda Mitchell have put together a superb shop, with a humidor that boarders on a “show case” of fine smokes. You’ll find all the best brands of hand rolled cigars such as Rocky Patel, Padron, Camacho and Arturo Fuente.  The arrangement of shelves and boxes appeals to my strong desire for symmetry.


Once you purchase your prize, Sam will give you a cut – straight or V.  Belly up to the bar and order beer or wine, or hang out in the “man-cave” (although women are frequent patrons), of 14 easy chairs and 3 big screen TVs.  The patrons chat away about all kinds of important stuff, like investing, politics, technology, and, of course, great cigars. Oh, and they’re all extremely good looking to boot.


Need a haircut? V’s Barbershop next door is the place to go to get one that will yield compliments from your significant. Igor and his side-kicks have trimmed my mop no less than 4 times in recent months. It’s a great excuse to swing by for a cigar, “Honey, I’m off to get a hair cut. Back in four hours!”

Satiated? Ah, you bet!

The lingering question?  What does 21 Degrees mean? Let me know your guess.

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